Consumer Control Over Health Data Sharing

As consumerism and digital delivery sweeps over health care, “custodians” of a consumer’s electronic health record (EHR) – typically providers, payers, and etc. — face a “perfect storm.” On the one hand, consumers expect control over and easy access to their personal health information (PHI) while federal mandates for interoperability demand protected exposure of PHI via FHIR  APIs. On the other, missteps by data custodians may lead to patient concerns, data breaches, penalties for non-compliance or information blocking, and even brand damage.


Conventional identity and consent solutions, at best, are complex and costly to support for even minimally compliant use cases; and, at worst, they will be unable to support the explosion of consumer-empowering web services that form the basis for digital transformation. At FHIRBlocks, we have a better way forward…


Current Solutions Are Challenged
  • Federal mandates for increased sharing and interoperability are here

  • Lack of fine-grained consent management solutions currently available to developers and consumers/patients

  • Data access layer built on OAuth2, creating cost and complexity to build and  implement

Decentralized Solutions

A Better Approach to Patient-Centric Healthcare, Interoperability and Consent Management

In partnership with Microsoft, and built in the Azure Cloud, FHIRBlocks offers an innovative solution called Consent4Health that is built upon FHIR, Decentralized Identity, Blockchain, and Fine-Grained Consent Management. Consent4Health reduces the friction of both intra and inter-organization consent and data sharing, freeing data-custodians from the risks and burdens of managing PHI on behalf of patients or members, accelerating 3rd party data access, and pivoting to put the consumer back in control of their own PHI — enabling them to be fully engaged in their own health outcomes.

Consent4Health extends current investments in identity and access management, reduces organizational dependence on high-friction centrally controlled solutions and places the patient (consumer) in control. This reversal of data custodian roles materially reduces much of regulatory friction and risk inherent to conventional centralized approaches.

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Enhance Outcomes

Healthcare Consumers

  • Fingertip control over consent and PHI data sharing

  • Protect against oversharing PHI while increasing security

  • Delightful mobile user experience

  • Consumer directed PHI interoperability

PHI / EHR Custodians (Life Sciences, Payers, Providers, Etc.)

  • Achieve ONC compliance and empower interoperability

  • Speed digital transformation

  • Reduce risk, lower IT complexity and improve security

  • Delights the healthcare consumer

  • Simplify compliance with immutable record of provenance


  • Speed development and build better apps

  • Better customer user experience through consent APIs

  • Open up new markets and ecosystems

  • Lower PHI handling risk

About Us

Well known, at least in healthcare policy and informatics circles, is how and how much the lack of data liquidity retards latent productivity gains: intersystem interoperability, among the various electronic health record (EHR) platforms, has held back the kinds of internet innovations that have transformed most other industry segments. And, while mandated EHR network APIs (i.e., Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR) have been posited as healthcare’s internet Mulligan, persistent trust problems keep these vital resources largely still-locked away in centralized siloes.


Enter the coincident evolution of decentralized “Trust-over-IP. Distributed ledger (aka, permissioned blockchain) technology promises to breakdown EHRs’ walled gardens and help unleash FHIR’s full potential. FHIRBlocks has spent the past four years passionately perfecting these techniques and, with its Microsoft partner, eager to explore the possibilities with you.

HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) interoperability standard)

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